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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Too many of us are feeling tired, overwhelmed and sluggish.

Our bodies often ache from tension, general health issues, exercise or lack of it, work, lifestyle choices and fatigue.

Many of us suffer from issues of grief, loss, illness, recovery or the stress of caring for a loved one

We live in a fast paced society where there are many demands in our lives that can create 'dis' ease or disease.  Too often, the flow of our lives do not allow us to acknowledge and deal with the things that cause us stress, anxiety, and illness.

What to expect during a Massage Therapy session:

A client can choose to remove clothing or to remain fully dressed.  During the session, only the area that is being worked on will be exposed. A variety of techniques will be used.  It will depend on an individuals needs and concerns.  These include, but are not limited to - soft tissue and energy modalities, stretching, tapping, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and verbal communication.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.




provides relaxation & stress reduction

relieves muscle tension & stiffness

increases joint flexibility & range of motion

enhance athletic performance

promotes deeper & easier breathing

improves circulation of blood/lymph fluid

assists in the removal of metabolic waste

reduces blood pressure

relieves tension, eye strain & headaches

decreases recovery time from pulled muscles, sprained ligaments & other injuries

reduces formation of excessive scar tissue

strengthes immune system


provides relaxed state of being

reduces mental stress by relaxing the mind

improves body awareness

enhances capacity for thinking & creativity

provides a safe caring touch

creates a feeling of well being

enhances self image

reduces levels of anxiety

assists us in approaching our emotional stress in a more balanced & peaceful state of mind

provides a sense of harmony & balance

So You can B.E. You Again
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