About Body Elite

At Body Elite Physical Therapy, our mission is to provide One-on-One treatment and quality care to people with orthopedic problems. We partner with your doctor to restore your body's ability to function at its maximum ability so that you can once again enjoy life and perform your daily activities.

"We specialize in treating spine disorders, relieving chronic pain, and promoting women's health."

Body Elite - OutsideWe speak about One-on-One physical therapy, but what exactly does that mean? Simple -- each patient is assigned to a particular physical therapist and that therapist is the person who will meet with you, care for you, and who will teach you to once again take control of your body. Unlike so many clinics where you may perhaps meet with an actual physical therapist once or twice over the course of your treatments, here at Body Elite our therapists remain with you from start to finish.

Patient Education is an important part of the rehabilitation process. It's important to us that each of our patients enjoy uninterrupted quality time with their physical therapist to best maximize the value and retention of that education. All of us here at Body Elite Physical Therapy are committed to preventative health care, patient care, and overall wellness.

We are certified under Virginia’s Direct Access Law to treat patients without a physician referral. Call for information.

So You can B.E. You Again
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